90% of the startups fail... And less than 1% make it to the top. Where do you stand?

Entrepreneurs are better off when they focus on their business than to run after capital.

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We handhold entrepreneurs and help them realize their dreams
by raising debt and equity capital for their business.

Why work with us?

Financial Expertise

Our team consists of CAs, MBAs, Lawyers & ex-bankers who have worked on a number of transactions & are experts in raising capital.

Access to Global Investment Funds

We have existing relationships with private pools of capital that are not accessible to everyone.

We focus on closure!

Our interests are aligned with you and we make our best efforts to get the best deal.

We understand the passion with which an entrepreneur builds his business but it saddens us when we see that he is not able to pursue his goal due to lack of capital.

Many times, when an entrepreneur needs money, the traditional channels do not understand his requirements. Instead, they follow age old systems and practices, which completely disregard a dynamic entrepreneur.

Our heart goes out for such brave entrepreneurs (whom we respect a lot). Therefore we started ALTIN Capital and are fully committed to help them meet all their funding requirements.

We are a team of CA, MBA and ex bankers who have strong relationships with various financials institutions & funds etc and are experts in making innovative funding structures

What we have done?

Our team members have worked on a number of transactions ranging from raising private equity for early stage ventures to venture debt for mature companies. We have also helped various companies raise debt capital and do real estate transactions. Few of the representative transactions on which our team members have worked, in the past are as follows: